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Fake it

Want to be a different version of you? What's stopping you? There are probably a million and one things stopping you. We're quick to come up with excuses about why we're not "showing up" in our lives. Who do you want to be? A Mom who doesn't yell? A wife who still thinks her husband is hot stuff? A 40-something Mom who's in the best shape of her life? An employee or business owner who's still energized by their work?

Eli had a beloved book when he was little about a bear named Ted. In each book, Ted found himself in need of different services from an artist, firefighter, or doctor. He couldn't find an artist, firefighter or doctor, so he decided to become those things. I was impressed the author didn't have Ted go back to school or be filled with self-doubt. Ted just went for it. With each new career or skill, he faked it until he made it. By the end of each book, he was the real deal. He could paint, put out fires, or heal an ailment. Eli believed he, too, could be a firefighter if he wanted to. He walked around spraying us with an imaginary hose.

How different would your life look if you acted like you were already the person you want to be? If you acted as if you thought your hubby was still hot, you'd schedule alone time with him or arrange for date nights. If you thought you were in the best shape, you'd probably make different food choices. If you acted more energized about your career, you might gripe less and look forward to work challenges.

My friend Amy was a stay-at-home mom with big dreams. She wanted to be valued for her brain and her input. Her dream was to be so valued she'd get "flown in" somewhere for her services. She hadn't worked outside the home in years, but she started offering her awesome business strategy ideas to friends for free. She had business cards made. Within 9 months, she was part of a team of consultants (and getting paid). And get this: they chose her to be part of the team to fly out to San Francisco for the grand opening of their California branch.

Make choices based on the version of you you'd like to see. What would the future you say or do?

Visualize the future you. How do you look and feel? How do you act towards your family, friends, and strangers?

What kinds of things does the future you do in her free time? Is she on her phone all the time? Of course, not. She's out there kicking A$$ and living her life.

If the future you were to hand out business cards, what would they say about you?

Remember, your energy is palpable. It will be apparent to everyone around you if you don't believe in yourself. Fake confidence like an 8-year-old in a Halloween costume.

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