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Discover insight with self-assessments

The Most Impactful Questions You'll Ever Answer

Have you ever been to therapy?  If you have, did you experience an ah-ha when you were asked a certain question?  Even if you've never been to therapy, prepare to be blown away by these questions I've prepared for anyone experiencing burnout or career stuckness. 

How it works:  Find a quiet space and time without anyone around so you can get honest with yourself.  I broke the questions down by phase of burnout, so you can go at your own pace.  Don't fly through the questions, take your time.

Thinking of Ideas
Lazy Morning
Lazy Morning

Burned Out vs Stressed Out

I often have people ask me in a low whisper how I knew I was burned out and not just stressed out.  They’re really asking me to tell them if they’re burned out.  
If you’re asking how to know if you’re burned out, I’m guessing you have a sneaking suspicion you’re either on the road to burnout or already burned out. You sense something needs to change, but you aren’t sure how or what needs to change. And change is hard—so hard. It’s easier to put your head down and stay the course, am I right? Who has time for all the time and energy change requires?

But, you can't stick your head in the sand forever.  Let's see how things stand with you now.

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