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Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Are you ready to pack up and leave your job but it feels impossible?

Are you wearing golden handcuffs when it comes to your job? It's no longer a good fit but financially you're trapped.

Do you feel guilty when you complain about your job?  Your inner people pleaser says you should suck it up and be grateful. 

Does the thought of quitting flood you with fear? I'll help you uncover what you're meant to do during this chapter of life (warning: this might flip your world upside down!)

Is that a “yes!?" 

Then let’s get started because, as  Mary Oliver says, this is "your one wild and precious life!"

Complimentary Discovery Call

with Hope

If you’re curious about the possibilities,  I invite you to join me for a complimentary discovery call  – we’ll talk about where you are right now, what’s working or not, where you’d like to be, and how I can support you.  So, grab a glass of wine or a mug of tea, and let’s chat to see if we're a good match and discuss coaching options.

Discovery Call

How Coaching Works

Commit to change

Schedule the time

We'll connect every week or two on Zoom or in-person (if local)

Show up Ready

Together we'll map out the next steps on your journey

If You're Ready to:

Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Rewrite the next chapter of your work life

Grab your favorite pen -it's go time!

Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Develop the tools and courage to take the next step

You possess the courage already, I'll help you lean into that!

Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Rechart your career on your own terms so you don't dread work

Purpose drives us, let’s dive into what gives you purpose

Choose Your Next Step:

Craving a change in your job/career but you're not clear what you want?

We'll explore what's working (or not!) in your current job.  In each session, we'll tackle a different area of work dissatisfaction.  I'll teach you tools for figuring out why you're stuck and how to get unstuck. 

Finally, you'll decide whether you can revive your current job or if a resignation is in order.

A great option if your work situation seems hopeless and you're out of ideas.

6 Private 1:1 Sessions

$895 or $149 each

As needed

1 hour sessions

6 week Group Coaching

Want hands-on coaching in an intimate group setting with like-minded career women who feel just as stuck as you (max 8)?  You'll receive incredibly powerful weekly group sessions, one private 1:1 session and have exclusive access to a private FB group.


Why join a group? The encouragement and accountability will propel you towards unbelievable growth. Together you'll learn tools, complete exercises, and create a one-year plan.


Don’t be surprised if the women in your group become life-long friends. Email for application



1-hour group sessions+1 private session

Half a year of intense whole-life recharting.  You'll get a chance to examine and rechart any and all areas of your life starting with your career.  We'll custom-map your new journey, incorporating more joy than you thought possible! 


This package is for you if you're “all in” for making big changes.  We’ll work on forming new habits and strategies to guide you towards your True North. 


This package requires a pre-interview and your full commitment.  These six months will forever change you, so buckle up! 

6 Month Hope Package


Weekly coaching + unlimited text and email support

1 hour sessions

life coach, PA, Physician assistant, burnout, stuck, career, martha beck
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