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Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Do you secretly (or not!) want to leave your job but it feels impossible? Or maybe you're exploring how to feel excited about your career again, but not sure what this looks like?

Are you wearing golden handcuffs when it comes to your job? It's no longer a good fit, but financially, you feel trapped.


Are you flooded with fear when thinking about big career decisions? We'll uncover what's beneath the fear and you'll decide how you want this chapter to play out (warning: this might flip your world upside down!)

Do you feel guilty when you complain about your job?  Your inner people-pleaser says you should suck it up and be grateful. 

Are you ready?

Then let’s get started because, as  Mary Oliver says, this is "your one wild and precious life!"

Complimentary Discovery Call

with Hope

If you’re curious about the possibilities,  I invite you to join me for a complimentary discovery call  – we’ll talk about where you are right now, what’s working or not, where you’d like to be, and how I can support you.  So, grab a glass of wine or a mug of coffee, and let’s chat to see if we're a good match and discuss coaching options.

Discovery Call

How Coaching Works

Commit to change

Schedule the time

We'll connect every week or two on Zoom

Show up Ready

Together we'll map out the next steps on your journey

Are You Ready to:

Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Rewrite the next chapter of your career

Grab your favorite pen -it's go time!

Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Develop the tools and courage to take the next step

You possess the courage already, I'll help you lean into that!

Physician Assistant, PA, burnout, life coach, career, stuck, burned out

Rechart your career on your terms to reclaim a sense of purpose

Purpose drives us, let’s dive into what gives you purpose

Which Burnout Stage  Describes You?

You're hiking along on a sunny trail when you find yourself lost in a dark forest you never planned on visiting.  Nothing looks familiar or safe.  No trails in site.  You're disoriented and scared with no clue what to do. 

  • You don't look forward to work. In fact, you dread it

  • You find fault with your job, coworkers, salary, patients (basically everything)

  • Your relationships are affected

  • Your "give a damn" has gone

  • You're emotionally exhausted

  • You're experiencing physical signs of your stress

Survival Mode (Deep in Burnout)

The good news:  I've got tools to help you find your path forward and heal from burnout. 

The not-great news:  You've gotta show up, do the work and not give up (even if it takes months!) 

The best news:  You WILL absolutely get better and you WILL find joy in your career again 

Dreaming and Scheming (Seeing the Light)

The sun is starting to come up, and you're no longer feeling as lost.  You see several trailheads but aren't sure which one to take, where you want to end up, or if you even want to move on. 

  • Glimmers of hope appear, but  anxiety and fear are still lurking

  • You're open to different ideas for your future but unclear which one is right

  • You no longer feel like a victim because you realize you have choices. 

  • Daydreaming about different career ideas is fun, but you go back to freak-out mode when you consider actually making a change. 

  • You're ready to work on the parts of your life you have agency over. 


The good news: You're no longer in survival mode, you're ready to make plans!

The not-great news: The old way of doing things was broken, which is why you ended up burned out. 

The best news: The future is wide open with endless possibilities.  You get the gift of crafting your career!

You've decided which trail to take, you've packed your bag, collected your gear, and you're ready to get moving!


  • You've done the hard inner work, you've done the daydreaming, planning and research required to make changes. 

  • You're partly excited and partly terrified

  • You still worry you're making a mistake or that you'll have regrets. 

  • When you look at others, you struggle with "compare and despair"

  • You wonder if you'll ever feel "ready"

  • You still get paralyzed with overwhelm at times

Ready to Make Changes (Choosing Your Path)

The good news: You're on the precipice of a new adventure

The not-great news: Your journey will have detours, setbacks and obstacles to deal with.

The best news: You'll have an entire bag of coaching tools and a guide to help you handle anything!

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