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Overcome Burnout, Reclaim Your Life

  • Hands-on coaching in an intimate small group setting with like-minded healthcare providers who are also going through similar career struggles. 

  • We’ll have incredibly powerful one-hour group sessions each week.  You’ll be amazed at how much progress you'll make when surrounded by other PAs who are cheering you on as you all navigate this journey together.  

  • I’ll be your mentor and guide for each session.

  • Don’t be surprised if the people in your group end up being life-long friends. 

  • The group size is limited to 8. A screening interview is required to ensure a win-win situation for you and the others in your group.

  • Only sign up if you can commit to coming to all 8 sessions

  • The next session starts mid-August 2024 (after the kids are back in school!)

  • We'll meet on Zoom, time tbd based on everyone's time zone

  • Cost $149 (total!) for 8 weeks

Interested?  Great!  Shoot me your email and I'll reach out so we can chat!

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