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#76 Transform from Career Burnout to on FIRE!

In this interview, I talk to Kafi London. She explains how she ignored the warning signs of burnout, but a career pause ignited her passion for helping high-performing women avoid burnout and rediscover their inner fire.

1) Look for signs of burnout: Having a narcissistic relationship to work, checking work email and calls around the clock, neglecting health and relationships, feeling fear and anxiety about work, and not wanting to go to work.

2) When we’re high achievers, we often get accolades for working harder and achieving more, but this is a recipe for burnout.

3) If you suspect burnout, you’ve gotta slow down or you’ll crash and burn. Financial stability with your job might be keeping you stuck. If your lifestyle doesn’t change, you’ll never be able to let go of the job and the money. You’ve gotta sit down, figure out what it’ll take to survive, and come up with an escape plan.

4) Remember, the goal is to relight that fire in your belly. Burnout means your fire has dimmed and your excitement is gone. You need to figure out what it is you really want, what lights you up. Ask yourself what do you do really well, what are your skills (ie what are you good at), and what do people need that you can give?

5) Ideally, try to come up with a transition plan instead of jumping ship like Kafi. She says while you still have an income, invest in someone who can help you with a financial game plan and help with mindset and clarity about what you really or

Kafi’s book, Fired Up is coming out soon!

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