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#106: My friend Elizabeth left her law career to raise kids and discovered writing and coaching!

Updated: May 4, 2022

  1. When your heart is beating out of your chest with nervousness and excitement, this is the feeling of being alive! All systems are saying "Goooo!"

  2. Notice if you have a mental block around focusing on yourself because of the external expectation that being privileged means you can't sit on your laurels, you have to always be doing for others.

  3. Ask yourself, "What would I want to do with my life if I had no 'shoulds'?"

  4. The truth may not be pretty and it might hurt others' feelings, but it's about being in alignment. Being authentic means being true to yourself but also accepting the repercussions of what you say or do. When you're in a tough situation, Keep asking yourself "Is this okay?"

  5. Sharing your experience can be a tremendous gift whether it's through writing or speaking because you'll get compassionate witnesses. You can journal all day but if you're not accountable to someone, what happens to all that? For Elizabeth, this transformation of feeling complete involves getting it out there.

  6. Take care of yourself as a mom. Be an equal partner in a relationship. Take up space, create the life you want, model for your children because they'll be taking this into their lives.

  7. When you take care of yourself, this IS taking care of other people. Anything that feeds your soul is totally necessary, and absolutely not optional, it's Soul Food

IG: @elizabethheise.writer

Twitter: @heiseeliezabeth1

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