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Meg speaks out about medical career burnout and offers tips you can implement today to start healing

  1. Burnout usually isn’t a one time thing, it happens over and over again. Be on the lookout for the signs: losing sleep, waking at 2am,reflux or other physical problems, being unusually forgetful or distracted. Remember, someone can appear to have it all figured out but still be burned out.

  2. Tips: Meg uses Brene Brown's suggestion before falling asleep at night by reminding herself "I am enough, what I did today is enough."

  3. Remind yourself constantly, "The Universe has my back". This helps you not feel like you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and reminds you You don’t get to choose the outcome in life, it’s not all under your control.

  4. Make the choice to match your schedule to your intentions. Choose your intentions based on your core values (click here to see the Brene Brown exercise Meg used). Core values are like your compass, they determine where you go in life.

  5. Your job doesn’t define you. If every piece of you is defined by your job, you’ll burn out. Bring all those other pieces back into who you are. Look at who you are outside of work. We’re not one-dimensional beings. You can have a slash career. This can give us more balance and we’ll be better at our jobs.

  6. If you’re self-identifying as burnt out, there’s help, there’s something better out there. Take time. Stop, take time to heal. It’ll eventually affect your health if you don’t get help.

Podcast: Burnout, What I Have Learned So Far with Meg Leddy

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