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How following your knowing (despite self-doubt) can lead you on a journey towards your highest self

Heather Morrison-Tapley started writing a book 22 years ago because she felt a deep pull. The book was finally published two decades later. Hear this journey of moving towards alignment, purpose, and accomplishing dreams.

  1. Pay attention when you have a deep knowing about something, a hunch, or intuitive hit.

  2. When the drive is there, you'll find the time. 20 minutes here and there will add up. Making space and time for your dream sends powerful messages to yourself and the universe that you're serious and the dream is worth it.

  3. Be okay with rejections and stay the course.

  4. Part of finding yourself is about asking if you really want something and whether you connect with this thing deep inside. If the answer is no, find the courage to move on.

  5. If you're feeling lost, try asking the universe about your next step and get quiet. You might be surprised when you hear the answer.

  6. When you're in alignment, a series of events will begin to happen to help make your dream come to fruition.

  7. Whatever it is you want to do, own it. If you write poetry, you're a poet. Own it.

  8. When you act from a place of flow, money or success will naturally happen and flow back to you.

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