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#100: From No Clue What to do to Cookie Queen of the South, Baylee tells us her story

Updated: May 4, 2022

Baylee truly didn't know what she'd end up doing for a career, so after switching college majors several times, she decided to pick religion. Ironically, God had a different plan for her and it involved sugar cookies, thousands and thousands of them!

  1. When discerning a purpose, consider what you could spend hours doing, what do you love doing and what do other people compliment you on

  2. If nothing is clicking, keep trying new things. Baylee didn't start off with just cookies, she made all sorts of sweets before she landed on decorated sugar cookies.

  3. When you stop pushing and pulling so hard to figure things out and you manage to get in the zone of whatever it is that excites, you, the Universe will send teachers, mentors, and opportunities.

  4. If you have a service or product, can you brainstorm a way to partner with a brick and mortar business to use their space and current customers to promote your product/service

  5. Don't use lack of knowledge as an excuse to not try something. Baylee had no business experience and she figured it out each step of the way.

  6. If there's something you're not good at or don't enjoy, hire someone to do it, barter your services or get an intern.

  7. Offer to do your service or product for free in exchange for testimonials or advertising and to beta test to see your idea is a good one.




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