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#40: Debra Lynn Alt is multi-passionate with crazy cool accomplishments, but she's deeply in

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Debra Alt is a singer, song writer, encourager, Shaman, and Justice of the Peace. Her words reassure us there's hope for the multi-passionate and that there are adventures awaiting us if we'll tune in to our intuition.

There is no vehicle quite like music to reach others. At the core, my message to my audience is to have hope: things can get better, and it is always worth the effort to try. I take much pride in continuing to create new avenues to reach those that wish to be entertained, encouraged, enlightened. -Debra Alt

  1. Our greatest wisdom comes from our struggles. Hardships can be a point of spiritual growth.

  2. The seed of your inspiration may end up helping people beyond your wildest expectations like Debra's song for breast cancer survivors. Our own visions can be limited, we don't always see what we're capable of.

  3. Courage can look a lot of different ways. Debra tells how she had the courage to follow her intuition and pursue her passion, but it took a lot longer to find the courage to listen to her Inner Self when it came to relationships.

  4. Look for how you can grow, expand, and impact people. Your purpose on earth is to be a light to others. This trumps all other earthly accomplishments. When Debra discovered her talent of writing songs for social issues and causes, she describes this as feeling "astoundingly magnificent"

  5. Cultivating stillness helps us listen to our intuition. All the magic and knowledge and wisdom come from stillness.

  6. Listen to the messages from your body. Your body holds your spirit, so the more you can tune into your body's messages, the more wisdom you'll hear. Remember, listening to your body or your intuition is a choice.

  7. Intuition often appears as the first thing that pops into your head when you hear a question. It's where the richness is, pay attention.

  8. Notice the things that light you up and pay attention to what you're drawn to.

  9. It's normal to have self-doubt blended in with knowing you are exactly where you're supposed to be.

  10. Having an adventure in life to grow and learn and move to the next level is the most wonderful thing you can do (like when Debra decided to go to Chile for a shamanism course)

  11. Our souls yearn to evolve and grow and take these grand adventures. If the desire is there, the Universe will conspire to help you.

  12. Debra says to put one foot in front of the other and look for signs along the way.

  13. Learn to be a witness. Watch yourself. Take time to discern your choices.

  14. Visualize the future you want down to the last detail (like Debra visualizing a white baby grand piano and now it's in her house helping her create amazing songs for worthy causes)

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