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Ep #15 Sarah Jones: She overcame fear and self doubt about being "too old"

  1. If there’s something you’re truly passionate about, something that’s imprinted on you, you’ll often see this theme pop up over and over in your life, so pay attention.

  2. Just because you’re not ready to take a path at one point in your life doesn’t mean you can’t go back and find that path later.

  3. Think about how many more years you’ll likely work. Do you really want to spend the next 20-30 years doing what you’re doing? If not, change your course!

  4. If age is your biggest excuse, think about it this way: In 10 years you’ll be whatever age whether you go down this new path or not.

  5. Once you get a seed of desire in your head, it’s going to be hard to get it out. Pay attention to all the excuses you keep repeating about why you can’t do something.

  6. Notice if you’re presenting your idea to yourself and others as, “I’m thinking about doing ____, but here are all the reasons why not.”

  7. Your loved ones often know you best and aren’t surprised when you finally decide to take that first step. They will encourage you when you’re being stubborn and being a naysayer.

  8. A support network is key. Sometimes if you’re not showing up for yourself, your loved ones will be your biggest fan and will encourage you and give you permission to do it.

  9. It is okay to be scared to death even once you make a decision and move forward.

  10. Terrible things happen in life, unexpected turns. You don’t have a choice about whether or not bad things will happen, but you can decide how you react to the situation.

  11. Even when bad things happen, you always have choices and options about what you do next. Sometimes you’re tempted to crawl into bed and hibernate for a year but sometimes having a distraction and something to fight for is the best option.

  12. When you go through the hardest parts of life, you’ll come out the other side as a new “you”.

  13. When you’re ready to give up, those around you who love you will be the encouragement you need. Rely on others to help you.

  14. You will learn to breathe again after a traumatic event. You just keep putting one foot under the other. Go through the motions.

  15. There are two ways to look at every situation. One way invokes self-pity, sadness. The other way is to see new opportunities that weren’t there before the situation.

  16. The Universe will often deliver serendipitous events. If you get a hint or clue that you should do something and you drag your feet, and then you get the same hint again, do it!

  17. Gratitude is the key to living a happy life.

  18. Perfectionism is an impossible standard. You’re going to mess up and make mistakes. It’s part of learning and moving towards being good at something.

  19. Surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to admit when they make a mistake and who support you when you make a mistake.

  20. Keep a sense of humor, try to learn something every day. Have patience with yourself. Know that some things take time like learning a new profession. Show grace to yourself.

  21. Life changes so quickly from what you have planned. Nothing is a given. Make the most of each day. You don’t know what tomorrow brings, so don’t worry about it.

  22. You can’t change the past. Take away the lessons you’ve learned and move on.

  23. Be here in this moment. Enjoy today. It’s okay to think about the future, but don’t waste time worrying about it.

  24. You can spend time worrying about worst-case scenarios, but what if you flipped it around, and expected something truly amazing?

This guy won the Kentucky Derby!

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