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Ep #14: All that glitters isn't gold: An honest look at what life is like with a depressed partner

Don’t assume other people all have it together just because their social media images look perfect. We put our best foot forward and rarely show the hard or difficult stuff.

Depression is a disease, it’s not a state of mind. It’s not a bad mood. It can’t be turned off at will.

Even people who seem to have it all and who seem happy can be suffering from depression.

When you take away your support network or experience life stressors like moving, starting a new program of study, getting married, having kids, etc, you are creating a recipe for depression.

One way to think of a depressive episode as the emotional flu. If you had the flu, you’d cancel obligations, stay home from work if needed, get enough sleep, get help with meals or kids or whatever. Call in your support network for help.

You can’t fix someone with depression or “make” them happy. Depression is an illness/disease. It’s not anyone’s fault.

Be up front with your loved ones about your depression. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If your kids are old enough, consider explaining that you or your partner have depression. It might reassure them it’s not their fault and helps them understand what’s going on.

Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss causes and treatment options for depression. See a therapist, they’re invaluable in sorting out all the “stuff” in your head.

This is the image I posted (after I'd been yelling at the kids). See, doesn't it look like we're so happy?

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