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#73 Curating Curiosity & Passion

Episode #73: Betsy Armstrong: She kept following her passions and curiosity from one thing to the next not realizing all the pieces would eventually form a beautiful masterpiece

Betsy coaches women on health, specifically intuitive eating. She shares how she kept taking new steps towards things she loved or was curious about, including flying, pharmaceutical sales, working for a candy bar giant, counselor, writer, exec for Girls on the Run, ultramarathoner, and intuitive eating coach. Wow! And get this, y’all! She became a first-time mom at 47!

  • Follow your curiosity, follow your passions, listen to your intuition. Use the process of elimination if you don’t know what you want to do. Keep trying stuff.

  • When you have that moment in your job where you realize you’re out of alignment, this is your inner GPS telling you it’s time to change paths. If you’re crying at work, before work, or after work, this is also a sign to move on. Likewise, you’ll learn to recognize those moments in life where your mind and body align and you have a deep knowing that you’re on the right track. Betsy describes it as feeling her heart sing.

  • All the paths you take will build on each other even if they don’t make sense at the time. Keep listening to yourself. Keep identifying those urges to go in a new direction. If you listen, all those pieces of your life will add up and fit together into a big beautiful image called your life. It’ll all come together, just hang in there and listen to yourself.

Instagram: @wordsbybetsy

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