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#72 Coincidence is Calling

#72: Pam Salgado, a Physician Assistant who talks openly about her journey from working and momming three girls to feeling a call to become a chaplain (and a few other things!)

1. Trust your gut. Listen to your inner voice, whether it’s telling you it’s time to look for another job or whether it’s about not doing a procedure because you don’t feel comfortable yet. Listen!

2. Pay attention to coincidences like when Pam heard the chaplain speak at church, ran into a hospice chaplain at her husband’s class reunion, and saw the license tag that said “Chaplain”. These are usually signposts pointing you in a new direction.

3. You can have more than one calling in life. Your callings will change. The important thing is to be open and receptive, to be curious, and to take that first step like when Pam reached out to Deacon Jerry despite not knowing how it would turn out.

Instagram: @pa_in_the_am

Facebook: Pam Salgado YouTube: PA in the AM Pamela Salgado (Pam would love it if y’all would subscribe!) Pam’s interview with Taryn Palacios about her journey to chaplainism she mentioned on podcast CharMED Stethoscope Bling Get 20% off by using code PAMELA

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