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#68 Breaking the Chains of Addiction, Trauma, and Abuse

A story of freedom like no other: Chanda Santana’s past addictions and work in the sex trade were groundwork for founding a center for women recovering from addiction, sex trade, and prostitution.

Chanda was a victim of sexual trauma, domestic violence, divorce, and addiction all while being a mom to 6 kids. Hear the amazing story of her own daughter being trafficked and rescued. Chanda has committed her life to help women find freedom from their addictions and prostitution. Her foundation, Divas Who Win, gives women a second chance, no questions asked.

1. Pay attention to the things that get you excited. For Chanda, it was helping the underdog, being resourceful, group coaching, being in community, and talking about hard issues.

2. Everyone could benefit from rehab, whether it’s in the form of therapy or group work like AA.

3. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the stress of life to be able to dream (take a virtual vacation or physically leave for a few days if you have the means)

4. When your kids’ grades drastically change and their interests change, and when they withdraw, beware

5. Never stop dreaming. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. If you don’t know how to do something, Google can help.

6. Once you set your mind to a purpose bigger than you, the stars will align and you will find the inner strength, grit, and resilience necessary.

7. Chanda observed that women who had meaning in their lives had more success with addictions and recovery, they didn’t go back to the same bad habits

8. To help figure out your purpose, take a look at who you were a few years ago. Ask yourself what (or who) you needed most when you were going through whatever it was you were going through. This is what you can offer to others.

9. Chanda dreamed of a day where women could come to a safe place and be honest about their past. A culture of safety and acceptance without shame. She had no idea about the HOW of making it happen, but she kept taking one step forward at a time, trusting that she was on the right path.

Chanda’s site:

Chanda’s book: The Genesis Xperience (Chanda’s story of what it was like to have a daughter who was sex trafficked)

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