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A real-life Hallmark story: Interview with Katie Avery

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

When Katie found herself a single mom with three kids, no job, and a broken heart, she kept faith that God had a plan for her life. Little did she know the plan included her dream job in her dream town and going on dates again.

Take-Home Points:

  1. When your heart is opposed to a decision, you may have physical symptoms like Katie when she wasn't able to catch her breath while running and she was crying all the time. She knew deep in her heart it wasn't where God needed her to be despite it feeling like what she felt like she should do. Trust your instincts.

  2. When you feel unloved, unattractive, unappreciated, these are all indications you're out of alignment

  3. You never know what someone else is going through, even if they look like they have it all together on the outside.

  4. When faced with a difficult decision, ask yourself what you'd tell your child if this situation were happening to her.

  5. Pray through every decision, never lose faith that God has a plan for your life. Use the hard times as reminders that even though you feel broken, these difficulties can be used as part of your purpose. And finally, you've gotta be the one to decide to rewrite your story. You can choose to focus on the pain or you can choose to get healthy, make good choices, and move forward.

Books mentioned: It's Not Supposed to Be this Way, Girl Wash Your Face, Love Lives Here

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