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#98: How perfectionism, anorexia and depression almost resulted in this doctor ending her life

Dr. Jillian Rigert had it all, or so it seemed. She'd completed dental school, she'd started medical school for oral surgery, and she was a captain in the airforce. But underneath the surface, she struggled with anorexia, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Dr. Rigert's courageous journey will have you asking yourself how societal pressures have played a role in your own life and whether or not you're in alignment with your essential self. She tells us how she let go of her identity as an oral surgery resident and airforce captain and started finally making choices that felt right deep inside.

  1. Societal pressure can trap us into being terrified to pivot. . Pay attention to those feelings of something not being a good fit

  2. Be careful of Arrival Fallacy--keeping your head down and thinking one day you'll be happy when x, y, or z happens.

  3. Notice if your mind is telling you there are only two options, A or B, especially if neither one is healthy or good for you. This is your mind making stuff up and tricking you into thinking the situation is hopeless

  4. When you're so afraid of being a disappointment to people that you'd take your own life, or suffer in some other way, this is a red flag to get help.

  5. We put an insane value on professions and degrees, even when they trump our health and mental well-being. These jobs and titles are part of our identity and we won't let go of these even if our health and lives are at stake

  6. Sit with decisions all on your own. If no one ever knew what you decided, if you weren't doing it for validation, what does your heart tell you to do?

Jillian's website: has excellent blog posts talking more about her journey, the arrival fallacy, listening to your essential self, and many others.


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