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#84 Just because you've never done it doesn't mean you CAN'T do it. Getting scrappy!

Andree Terry didn't let inexperience stop her in her tracts. She recognized a gap in the market for a line of skincare products safe for the fragile skin of cancer patients, so she set off on a journey of learning how to create products from industry giants like Loreal and Clairol. She traveled to Egypt and Europe, learning about ancient techniques and skincare ingredients used for centuries.

Andree's products were so successful, they were chosen as one of the elite gifts in swag bags for the Grammy's and are now shipped all over the country.

1) When you're looking for a product or service and it's not available, look at this as an opportunity. Andree was looking for a moisturizing soap and couldn't find one, so she set out to create one.

2) When you find a passion, research it like crazy, go all-in, ask the experts, do whatever it takes to learn everything you can about the product and the market. Don't let a lack of knowledge be a roadblock.

3) Be of service to others and give back to the community. Your business will grow naturally.

4) Believe in yourself and stay positive. When obstacles come up, step over them and keep going. Believe that what you're doing is meaningful.

5) What you give out into the world, you'll get back, so be patient, be kind, and give people hope.

Contact Andree or check out her website!

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