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#82: Squeezing the most out of your life!

Amy's energy and enthusiasm are contagious! She'll have you laughing out loud at her stories of becoming a bartender, then teaching 8-year-olds, and finally deciding to become an entrepreneur and sell juice. She shares her personal journey with rheumatoid arthritis and IBS and how this led to learning what her body needed to be healthy and thriving. Amy had an ah-ha when she realized was doing what she thought other people wanted and not what she wanted. The bar industry taught her about boundaries. It taught her it was okay to disappoint people.

  1. Have the spirit of 8 yr old. They show up, they're enthusiastic Big fat yes, they don't sweat yesterday or today.

  2. Ask yourself if you are living the life you want to live or the life you think you're supposed to live? Are you making decisions based on what you truly want or on what you think others expect you to do.

  3. You can fail but not be a failure. The success comes from getting up over and over. If you're so obsessed with not failing and being perfect, you'll miss the journey

  4. Squeeze the day. Focus on how you can make the best out of each day. Be a "Yes" and make everyone feel better when they come in contact with you. Show up each and every day and be the best person you can be.

  5. Know what fills your bucket. For Amy, it's serving people, being busy, being passionate about food.

  6. Instead of asking "what if it doesn't work", ask "what if it does?" Likewise, ask yourself what's going well instead of noticing all the things not going well.

  7. People are willing to teach you if you're willing to learn Ask questions like Amy did with her electrician, her plumber, etc.

  8. Think long term in terms of health, it's what you do every single day, not just a 3 day cleanse here and there. Aim for long-term health. You didn't get to this place overnight, make small choices every day and they'll add up. Each human body is unique and you have to figure out what's best for you. You've gotta be willing to love yourself enough and think that you're worth it to put forth the effort.

mentioned in podcast: Gerson therapy (Amy mentioned her coworker was eating according to the Gerson method for her lymphoma.) Click here for the book

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