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#60: Mysti Scheuer: A former probation officer teaches us how to look for opportunity and mentors

  1. Your own trauma or life experience often contributes to what you're passionate about, Mysti's interest in medical research after her dad's cancer.

  2. Even a so-so job like being a probation officer can give you insights into human nature and teach you skills you'll use in other jobs.

  3. Be curious instead of judgmental. Mysti learned to ask people on probation, "What was your thought process?" She says you'll learn more and have more compassion for people who make mistakes.

  4. Our work stress doesn't just affect us. Take an honest look at how your stress is affecting your home and your relationships.

  5. An amazing boss will see when you've hit a growth ceiling in your current position and encourage you to move on if that's what's best for you.

  6. Our self-limiting beliefs can crush us if we let them (like Mysti's thoughts about graduate school.), but she says you should take a tiny step, ask questions and get factual information like when she went to talk to the graduate school she wanted to attend. Once she found out the GRE score she needed, she was empowered and made a plan.

  7. Choose happiness. Mysti observed her mom's attitude and decided that wasn't the path she wanted. She wanted to make the most of her life and push herself to be the best version she could.

  8. Declare this is the "Year of Me" and show up for yourself, whether that's hiring a personal trainer or taking a class, or seeing a therapist.

  9. Pay attention to those "tugs" in your life. Mysti was fascinated and drawn to biomedical research from the time her Dad was sick. When the recruiter approached her, it "clicked." Her personal passion aligned with her professional skills.

  10. Let go of guilt when you feel excited about a new endeavor.

  11. When comparing a job you're passionate about vs. staying at a job because of benefits, ask yourself how you'll feel after making the decision and compare each option. Also, ask yourself if you'll always wonder and have regrets.

  12. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be an "Island of __(your name)___" Everyone has hard times; people are happy to help.

  13. Keep your eyes open for strong women mentors. When they say something positive, believe them.

  14. Mysti loves the quote, "Who of us has the space to carry other people's choices?" You're the only person in charge of you, and only you can control your thoughts and choices.

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