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#56: Sara Allen (my mom!) talks about contentment and reminds us to be grateful for a "normal" day

  1. The practice of contentment is a gift.

  2. There will be hard times, but it's important to enjoy the good times

  3. A normal day without drama can be a gift

  4. There will be seasons in life without a lot of "me time"

  5. Ask yourself if you'll later regret giving so much of yourself to your work

  6. Your strength (like work ethic) can also be a weakness (working even when your body is breaking down and suffering).

  7. You don't have to be goal-oriented, you can live in the present and be grateful for "normal" days.

  8. Be anxious for nothing (Phil 4:6-7).

  9. Connecting with a higher power like God will make everything in your life feel more manageable.

  10. Pray about everything and don't be anxious

  11. God is the best counselor, doctor, real-estate agent, wedding planner etc (in other words, rely on God instead of being anxious)

  12. The best self-help book is the Bible according to my mom

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