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#34: Shannon Ball shares her struggle with self-doubt as her career moved from working with the YMCA

Y'all are going to love Shannon's honesty about how dang hard it is to deal with self-doubt and keep moving up the "rungs of the spiritual ladder" as she calls it. Shannon still teaches yoga but sold the yoga studio she co-owned to focus full-time on her life coaching business.

  1. Pay attention to the dreams in your heart. They're like seeds. The dreams and the energy behind them are bigger than your self-doubt

  2. Self-doubt is NOT going away, get used to it and take a step anyway.

  3. Our neural circuitry is so embedded it often takes someone else to help us change our thinking (like a therapist or a coach).

  4. Stop screwing around. Life is short. Share what you've received in life. Show up and serve.

  5. Ask: How can I most powerfully transmit the gifts I've been given?

  6. Be still and listen for that inner voice. This might require meditation, prayer, being quiet.

  7. When we get out of the way, that's when THINGS happen! Synchronicities beyond our wildest dreams.

  8. We're here to always climb the spiritual ladder (we're either growing or backsliding. To grow our souls we need to keep improving and course-correcting over and over. Shannon says to Keep Climbing. Look at challenges as another rung on the ladder.

  9. Your work is to do the inner work so you'll be available when the opportunity or synchronous events present themselves

  10. You're able to help the world more when you put your services or skills out there. By you giving of yourself and your gifts, it literally changes the vibrations of the Universe. Your gifts contribute to the betterment of the world.

  11. We all have childhood wounds. If you don't heal and integrate those wounds, you can suffer as adults and miss out on the joy and wonder of life.

  12. There are endless possibilities and endless provisions. Your dreams are totally doable. Keep listening and taking the next step.

  13. We operate in the 1%, which is the part of the world we can use our senses to experience. The 99% is the unseen world: the world of God, the Creator, Infinite Possibility, a vision beyond what our two eyes can see. The more you can be aware of and live in the unseen world, the more you'll be able to climb that spiritual ladder.,,

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