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#32: Caroline Ward transformed from an accountant with post-partum depression to gym owner

Caroline Ward tells how she broke down in the pediatrician's office 15 years ago with her two babies and a bad case of post-partum depression. This marked the beginning of a new journey listening to God. She took a brave step in a new direction that didn't make sense to anyone but her, signing up for a course on personal training. Caroline lets us in on what it's like to listen to "God whispers" and take life one step at a time. You won't want to miss this inspirational episode!

  1. When it's time to pivot or when change is brewing, it's not uncommon to have the feeling you're not doing any one thing well. You might feel like you're not doing your job well, mothering well, being a "good" wife or daughter.

  2. Caroline cried out to God and asked, "Who am I, what am I supposed to do?" and she listened. She reflected back on what brought her the most joy in her past. It was fitness. Working out, training, leading, and encouraging other females.

  3. You might have to go against what the world says you "should" do like Caroline's dad who believed she should be a personal accountant, other people close to her who thought it made sense for her to be a stay-at-home mom since she had two kids under two.

  4. Take a baby step and try what your heart is pulling you towards. Caroline took one client to see if she could be successful with personal training and she did it in her basement with a friend who agreed to be her first client.

  5. Caroline says she feels like she's sharing a message with her clients. She instills in them that if they can do hard things in the gym, they can do hard things in life. Her work is now her ministry.

  6. Shift your perspective from "having to" to "getting to" do the things in your job you might not love (like getting up at 4:30am) and be grateful.

  7. Walk and trust one step at a time. Remind yourself you can't possibly know how things will turn out 10 years from now. Be open to God's plan.

  8. Write out your dream, write out your goals, and pray circles around them. Listen for the little God whispers

  9. If doors open, move forward, if doors close when you try to move in a new direction, know that even bigger doors may open. Have faith

  10. Notice. Notice people who are placed in your life at certain times. They may be there to offer encouragement when you need it the most. Surround yourself with encouraging and inspiring people

  11. Be very intentional about spotting God winks and listen for God whispers throughout your day. This may be words from a song, a podcast, or something someone says to you. These things can be enough to propel you towards the next step

  12. Take action, even if something is totally out of your comfort zone like Caroline switching to Zoom during the early pandemic. She says challenge=opportunity

  13. Where focus goes, that's where your energy goes. Caroline uses this mantra to stay positive, even when things feel like they're not going the way you think they should.

Book mentioned in the podcast: Mark Patterson, Circle Makers

Caroline's website (recipes, workouts, blog, and schedule):

Instagram: @transfitathens

Facebook @TransFitAthens

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