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#30: Kimberly Eclipse: From teacher at an inner city NY high school, to therapist, to

  1. Give yourself a break for not wanting to do forever what the 18-year-old you thought you wanted to do. (Kimberly decided teaching high school wasn't for her). Allow yourself to make a change and release the guilt and shame. You can still use those skills in an entirely different area in the future.

  2. Sometimes it takes a crisis to put your back against the wall and force you to take a risk

  3. Life will frequently present you with "shiny objects", but instead of feeling shame that you're now interested in something new, embrace it, be curious about it. This is part of your path.

  4. Be careful not to stay at a job so long it's to your detriment. It's a delicate balance, especially if you have a family to support. Working with hospice for years, Kimberly reminds us you don't what's going to happen tomorrow. Don't be reckless, but don't avoid taking action. Do the new shiny thing in your free time.

  5. If you compare yourself to others on social media, it can make you feel like you're not as far along as you "should" be which can lead to depression.

  6. Don't let life happen TO you. Kimberly described it as feeling like she had no control, like a piece of seaweed floating towards whatever and whoever needed her. No one is in charge of your happiness and your life but you.

  7. You can have multiple divine assignments, including parenting. Having kids is not an excuse for not taking action.

  8. Let your ideas flow in your journal. Make lists, brain dump. Take inventory of your life.

  9. Find the intersection of these three things and magic will happen: what you're good at, what you love, and what the world needs

  10. If you're not able to bet on yourself, look to the people who love you the most (reframe it as a baby shower and let people shower you with love).

  11. Kimberly talked about starting a new thing and knowing she had three vital strengths: Endurance, patience, and creativity

  12. Kimberly used a problem she had to create a business: Her son and daughter weren't very close in age, but she, their mom, wanted coordinated not matchy-matchy t-shirts for photos)

  13. Ask what you want your days to feel like. Kimberly journaled about this. she knew she didn't want traditional work hours.

  14. Kimberly realized her beliefs about money were limiting her big time. She'd been telling herself she didn't have money, that money was a key missing ingredient for her success. BUT, she realized it was her beliefs and lack of confidence holding her back, not the money itself. She could network and figure out the money part. She began feeding herself confidence and learning new skills. She says to be very intentional in identifying your areas of limiting beliefs and start doing the work to turn those beliefs around.

  15. Be the best version of yourself. Do your divine assignments despite being afraid. Design your life, people! Don't let fear stop you.

  16. Being brave often feels like fear in motion. It's not that you're not afraid anymore, but you're taking action WHILE you're afraid.

  17. Don't wait so long to try something new that you become resentful against someone or something in your life. Don't wait so long that you become totally depleted like a shell of a person you no longer recognize.

  18. Don't wait forever to have the whole plan in place. Take a step despite not having it figure out.

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Cathy Heller's podcast and course were mentioned.

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