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#29: Listen up! Are you wasting precious minutes and hours complaining and moaning about a situation

Based on my interpretation of a chapter in The Power of Now about the energy associated with complaining. The book refers to it as "psychic pollution." Eckhart says we have three choices with matters we find annoying/irksome/frustrating. We can accept it/surrender, speak up if possible, or change it. He says all else is madness. In this episode, I confess how much I've been complaining about my hubby's snoring. I'll try applying Eckhart's advice. Read the blog post about this subject by clicking here. Exercise mentioned on the podcast:

  1. Make 4 columns on a sheet of paper.

  2. In the first column make a list of your biggest gripes. Go ahead, dump it all out on paper. Include things you find irksome, things you complain about, things you frequently wish were different. Include spoken and unspoken complaints.

  3. Label the second column "Take Action", the third "Speak out if necessary or possible" and the fourth "leave the situation or accept it"

  4. Go through each situation and write down if you were going to take action, what are some possibilities. Don't tell yourself you have to do the action, just ask, "If someone who hated/dislinked ___ were going to take action, what might some action steps be?

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