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#28: Sarah Cowart: Teaching us to dream big and take giant leaps despite fear and no guarantee

Sarah spent 10 years as a college Athletic Advisor, then a year in corporate America before she discovered an unmet need in the market. By being a problem solver, she stumbled upon an idea for starting her own business, took a giant leap, and went for it!

  1. If you're struggling to find the energy and motivation to finish something (like a degree), dig deep and ask yourself if it's what you really want to do.

  2. God created you to do something really special. It's worth spending time contemplating what it is you want to do with your life.

  3. If you're doing what you love, but working 60-70 hours a week, ask yourself if it's worth it. Problem solve. Can you still do what you love but do it on your terms?

  4. Ask yourself if there's a problem you encounter over and over (this indicates a gap in the market).

  5. Ask how can you make a big impact and serve the people you see as your tribe. How can you solve their problem? Sarah's tribe was college athletes or students who wanted to be college athletes. After working in the field she was able to identify their biggest struggles and create a solution.

  6. Look up your Enneagram with a free test. This may help explain why you do things the way you do or why you interact the way you do with people.

  7. Sarah took a job in corporate America because she was stuck and needed to give herself time and space to breathe and dream. If we're totally overwhelmed, we can't dream. Sometimes taking a job totally out of your area of expertise will give you the change you need to help clear your vision even if it's not your "forever job".

  8. Time management isn't managing time, it's managing energy. Work on your hardest projects during key time slots when your energy is highest.

  9. Embarking on your own can mean freedom, but it also means giving up job security.

  10. Find a support community, whether it's your family or hiring a business coach, or finding an online community

  11. Believe in yourself. Money is energy. Investing in yourself financially creates more energy to move you forward in a positive direction.

  12. What would it look like to dream bigger? Think beyond the walls of where you're currently living and working. A lateral move is easier than taking a big leap, but ask yourself if you're not dreaming big enough.

  13. Constantly ask yourself what your next move is. How can you grow? The key is taking small steps, but keep moving forward.

  • Here's the link for the free resource for parents of high school students who want to play college sports. Sarah also helps teens/students with time management, study skills, and to work through the struggles of trying to play college sports.

  • Here are the links for Facebook and Instagram.,

  • And last but not least, the website:

  • Authors mentioned in this podcast: Donald Miller and Bob Goff (both have books and podcasts).

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