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#27: Should you quit your job if you're not feeling fulfilled? Listen to this before you do!

So often we want to escape the drudgery of our jobs and start over. We bemoan how unfulfilled we are. But whoever said it was your job's job to "complete you?" Before you send out a CV, listen to this episode. Fulfillment can be found despite your job situation.

  1. Don't quit your day job just because you're not fulfilled. Try first to find fulfillment in other areas of your life (outside of work)

  2. Think about what you used to do as a child and do more of that (crafts, baking, etc). This sparks creativity and wakes up a dormant part of you.

  3. Know your strengths. Pay for one (Strength Finder) or a free one (High Five). By knowing your strengths you can try to do things in your job or outside work to fulfill you

  4. If you feel totally stuck, your buckets are empty. Examine which parts of your life aren't going well or which parts of you feel empty.

  5. Take a field trip to a book store or library, which sections light you up? Think about what you could spend hours doing/reading/watching. These are clues!

  6. Practice gratitude daily for your job. Name three different things a day you enjoyed about work.

  7. Are you blaming work unhappiness on other parts of your life?

  8. Don't leave this pasture for a greener pasture before asking yourself if it's the grass you're really after

  9. Ask yourself if you're showing up at work or if you're being a total slacker (would your boss rehire you based on your performance the last 30 days).

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