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#22: Part II of Anita's Story: Don't miss the conclusion.

Links: or click on this google drive to see more products and photos

Check out the gorgeous meals Anita and her guests cook: For $200 you can send a child to school (this includes wifi)

Take home points:

  1. Be willing to work and provide service. Even when you don’t think you’ll get anything out of it. Service and purpose come first, then the rewards

  2. Look for a need. The tourist asked for local authentic food. Anita was agreeable and willing to offer her talents

  3. Sometimes what starts off as a joke has a lot of truth in it like Anita with the cooking class. She told her boss she was now an entrepreneur and his competition. She says she was joking, but after hearing her story, I think there was truth in that comment

  4. Her boss supported her and saw how a) talented she was and b) how excited she was. He helped her grow her dream. He put the cooking class on Trip Advisor after seeing that she possessed the perfect recipe for success (talent, enthusiasm and a need for her services).

  5. Her boss supported her and gave her the money. He told her to think big. He also told her to look at the opportunity she was being given and to turn around and give an opportunity to others

  6. When you’ve received a lot of blessings in your life, pass it on like Anita did teaching English, starting a co-op for local weavers, and organizing school scholarships for local children.

  7. As Anita says, catch every opportunity

  8. Rewards will come to you eventually if you plant good fruit. If you plant bad seeds you’ll get bad fruit.

  9. Don’t stop, keep dreaming. Don’t let people who don’t believe in you keep you down. Be blind and deaf to non-supporters

  10. See what you have in your hand (what are your talents and skills) and work with that

  11. It won’t be easy. It might take a long time or a short time depending on how fast you can learn your lesson.

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