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#21: Anita, from poverty (eating one egg a day and selling bananas to tourists) to owning a thriving

  1. Our hardships shape and mold us into the people we’re meant to become.

  2. If you want something bad enough (like Anita wanting a pair of shoes), get creative. Brainstorm. Trade your skills like Anita traded her math skills to get to wear her classmates’ shoes

  3. Life may put “evil villains” in your life, but they’re often hurting. Life will also give you kind souls to help along your journey like Anita’s sweet father.

  4. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from reaching your goals. Break the rules, break the status quo. Don’t let people around you or society put barriers around you.

  5. Use your curiosity to fuel your next endeavor. Anita was curious about why gringos could only eat fruits and vegetables. This gave her the idea to sell bananas.

  6. Keep your dreams. Anita wanted to be a tour guide and translator from the time she was 7, she held onto that dream despite her mother telling her she couldn’t.

  7. Know when to give up on one dream to pursue another one or save the original dream for later. Anita realized after a year of working in the city that it wasn’t worth it financially. She could save more money living at home and making less money.

  8. If we don’t receive love as a child, we’ll look for it in the wrong places.

  9. Even if you make bad choices (like in men), there’s still hope. You can always pivot. Even if it takes 10 years or more. Even if there are people who don’t support you.

  10. Even if you don’t understand the grand plan, take one small step forward. Keep the faith. Keep looking for your inner strength, your inner light.

  11. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and go against the status quo.

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