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17: Amy Jones: From dermatology Physician Assistant to Nutrition Coach, listen to Amy!

Amy Jones discovered her passion for nutrition after watching two food documentaries. She began a path of learning about food in a way she hadn't before and wanted to share her knowledge with others. She started a Youtube channel and began studying nutrition and the benefits of a plant-based way of life. You'll love her enthusiasm for her new journey.

Check out her fantastic mouth, watering plant-based cooking videos at Romaine Healthy She's also on Facebook, join her free group, Ditch the scale and cravings for life. Instagram: Romaine Healthy LLC

Take home points:

  1. Notice what sparks your interest. If there’s something you’re constantly reading about, listening to podcasts about, or googling to learn more about, this is a clue.

  2. Follow the breadcrumbs. For Amy, she tried a youtube channel with recipes and cooking, she tried fitting her passion into her job by counseling patients on diet and lifestyle changes, she tried teaching students about her passion.

  3. Take time to discern the next step. Especially if you have a big life change like leaving your job. Don’t immediately jump into the next thing.

  4. If you don’t slow down, sometimes the universe will slow you down like with Amy’s broken foot.

  5. It’s hard to let go of a good-paying job, but sometimes if you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, it’s time to look at your other options.

  6. Notice where you’re putting your energy. If you’re spending a ton of energy disliking what you’re doing or complaining, you won’t have a lot of good energy to move towards something new.

  7. It’s normal to feel scared before you take a big step. It’s also normal

  8. A new endeavor is http://90% mindset. Get out of your own way. It’s normal to think everyone else has it figured out. Give yourself grace. You have to learn as you go.

  9. Are you modeling what you want your kids to do/know? Involve your kids in your new endeavors. Make this a family affair.

  10. There are open doors, you just can’t see them. Don’t give up.

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