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#120: Nudges from God: how to know it's a nudge and what to do about it (especially the scary ones!)

Autumn Shields got her first nudge in 9th grade when she felt pulled to work in law enforcement as a victim advocate. Sometimes she listened right away when she'd get a nudge, other times she'd resist. Hear her amazing journey of following the nudges of career changes, moving to Hawaii, and writing a book.

  1. A nudge usually comes out of nowhere, an idea or thought not on your radar. It usually keeps happening and we often dismiss it at first, thinking "who am I/how could I do that?" But they keep happening.

  2. A nudge will feel like a soft whisper at first, but If you don't listen, it'll get louder

  3. Ask what it's costing you not to listen

  4. When you finally find the faith to step into that nudge and trust it, the resources appear

  5. There are ripple effects to the nudge, it's not just about you. Be an instrument of the bigger picture

  6. It's so important to identify and follow nudges because they'll lead you on the path you're supposed to be on

  7. Once you're on a path and you've followed the nudge, don't get too comfortable because you'll get new nudges. We get attached to identities and it's so hard to imagine giving it up. But you're needed for a new role, a new identity. People are waiting on you to step forward.

  8. Nudges aren't always about what we think we're good at, it might be something we'll have to learn or rely on others to help us with.

  9. Identify WHY you're fighting the nudge FEAR=false evidence appearing real. We make up false stories about why this path isn't for us, questioning why would I get called to do that. We often think the idea is ridiculous but the resources appear

  10. Nudges can be fun, just try taking one step towards this thing and see what happens The signs appear. They're like breadcrumbs.

  11. Consider that someone is waiting out there specifically for your gift, so it's not fair if you keep it to yourself. Your gift may be a hobby, but it's still not fair to stuff it--it doesn't feel good to stuff it. We tell ourselves we "can't" or "shouldn't" do it for whatever reason. But this causes us to feel unsettled.

  12. What is it costing you to stuff it and not share it? Your next career? Peace?

  13. What do you have to lose by following a nudge? Most jumps aren't permanent, you can always change paths and go back down the path.

  14. Be open to the nudges, be open to the people you meet, something you see that moves you to tears. Just play with it and take steps towards it.

  15. The more you can step into your faith, it's like a deposit and it'll grow

  16. We often avoid pivoting because of our time and financial investment in our current situation. Just because you spent a lot of money doesn't mean you HAVE to do it. Just put one foot forward towards the nudge and try it. Pivoting or making a jump is scary but the more times you do it, you'll start to feel like you're in your comfort zone

  17. Keep asking "what else is possible?"

  18. Believe that God truly has your back, you're safe, you can know nudges are all FOR you. Remind yourself: I'm loved, I'm safe, I'm supported.

  19. We get so wrapped up in the how, but where there's a will, there's a way. Sometimes numbers and spreadsheets don't add up, but go with your gut

  20. It's not our business how good our work is that we put out. If it's supposed to come out, it will, you just do your part and trust.

  21. Nudges can't be forced, but we do need to get quiet enough to hear them, even if that's while we dream at night. Sit and listen and be open, it's a practice and it'll get easier.

  22. Ask God what you need to see, what you're capable of. Be in a state of openness and readiness, willing to step forward and serve.

  23. If you're in a hard spot, remember that change is coming, this won't last forever.

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