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#119: Letting go of guilt, finding the courage to leave your job, and rediscovering who you are

Michele Neskey, aka founder of the Posh PA, kept me laughing as she walked me through her life as a mom, a PA, an entrepreneur, and all the other roles society assigns to us. We get to hear how she made the decision to start hiring others to help her in her business (helping pre-PAs get into school.) This investment in herself led to a huge business growth spurt. Then Michele chose to take another chance on herself when she realized she continued to work longer and harder at her job as an oncology physician assistant despite receiving less and less appreciation. We discuss guilt over leaving a job and how to reconcile this in order to truly find yourself.

  1. Mom guilt is a very real thing and can make starting a business extremely difficult if you don't work on how you see yourself.

  2. Even if it's not worth it financially with you going to work, it might be worth it for your mental health

  3. Try batching your tasks at home like meal prep on Sundays, or if you're in a service job, can you serve many people at the same time with video or group meetups.

  4. Hire people to help you, especially if you feel like you're losing in an area of life, hiring help can expand what you can offer to your family and whoever it is you serve.

  5. Know your zones, zones of confidence, zone of "I know what I'm doing but I'd rather hire someone", and the zone where you don't know what the heck is going on and you need to hire someone

  6. Don't care what other people think if it's making you better.

  7. Don't let guilt over leaving keep you handcuffed to job you're not longer serving well and that's no longer serving you.

  8. Find something outside your career role that makes you feel important and valued and that you love. Get to know who are you down to your core. Find that and you'll find happiness.

  9. When you take a chance on yourself, things happen!

  10. If you're burned out, you aren't doing your job, yourself or your family any favors.

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