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#116: Learn how this mom pivoted several times before finding a good fit with astrology

  1. Searching for your "thing" can be very scary and generate a sense of being behind. Instead, think of everything in life as being an experiment.

  2. Look at life like an onion, each layer reveals more of what's true for you. The process isn't always comfortable but you'll be rewarded with each new layer.

  3. Trying something out can feel exciting and creative, but when you actually implement it, it might not be quite what you imagined. Give yourself grace to pivot.

  4. Notice if you're dragging your feet about doing something. It might be that this thing is out of alignment with your true self.

  5. Let your curiosity take you where it wants to go instead of trying to look down the road and know where something is leading you.

  6. Use your inner compass and don't feel like you need to inform others about where you are on your journey until you're ready

  7. Confidence comes from knowing yourself deeply.

  8. You're born with a temperament, this is part of who you are down to your core--ask yourself how different your natural temperament is from your external or social self? This is shape-shifting and can mean you're out of alignment. There's so much conditioning, we lose touch with our true selves.

  9. Being true to yourself is the ultimate destination, embracing the good and the bad. It's the only way we can truly shine and the share this light with others.

  10. The sparkles of life are awesome, but don't forget about all the treasures in the dark shadows of your life. Dark valleys lead to breakthroughs.


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