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#115: Amanda Pedota: Motherhood doesn't mean the end of self-fulfillment, creativity and travel

  1. If you feel pulled towards something, and if you don't want to live with the regret of not doing it, know that anything is possible if you plan ahead, even traveling for a year--ask yourself if it's worth the experience, do a spreadsheet and get movin'

  2. Every moment comes and goes, from the moments that feel impossible to the amazing moments. Don't hold onto them, they don't last.

  3. Just do it! Taking kids isn't always fun, just do it. Prioritize what's important to you, and ask what works for you and your family? Fear of kids complaining is no reason to stop you from doing stuff.

  4. Be prepared to modify your plans. Be fluid, roll with it. Think of everything as an adventure

  5. Pay attention when something catches hold of you and wants to be born. When something stokes the fire within you, when something can change your life, do it! It'll be energy-giving and will feel right. it doesn't have to last forever, just go for it and see where it leads

  6. Even if it doesn't turn out the way you think, it'll be invigorating and exciting.

  7. Your family gets a BETTER version of you if you're taking care of yourself and doing things that light you up. Your kids will get to see all these different parts of you.

  8. Give yourself the advice you'd give other people. If you have self doubt, be a cheerleader for yourself. Why would you have confidence in others but degrade/be harsh with yourself when you'd never treat a friend that way

  9. Share knowledge freely--being competitive doesn't get your anywhere. Being friendly and helpful to people who are in the same industry will serve both of you

  10. Listen to that little voice in the back of your head. Write down ideas as they pop into your head. Writing it down makes it REAL and over time these things will come together. Be open and ready because things will start happening and people will come into your life to help you along your way.

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Find Your Unicorn Space (book Amanda says inspired her)

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