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#112: Michele Gobatto: From fast-paced LA tech startups to total staring-at-the-wall burnout

  1. Hustle mentality, working late hours and constantly pushing, especially during times of uncertainty are the ingredients for burnout and mental depletion.

  2. Our nervous systems try to adapt to high stress environments, but our bodies know we can't function like this for long. Unfortunately, we don't listen to our bodies or acknowledge the signs. Mental fatigue and aversion to stimulation of any kind are two possible signs you're burned out.

  3. To truly connect with your soul and get in alignment, you'll need space and time to get quiet and notice what it is you long for in your future. This can't happen while you're distracted and in the rat race of life.

  4. Getting quiet allows divine downloads, which are like signs pointing you in the right direction and giving you reassurance.

  5. After you take a leap, it's not unusual to have a big crisis happen, don't worry, this is like a test before you start your journey. Stay the course, keep faith, and you'll pass.

  6. If you stop innovating and problem solving, you die.

  7. Control the things you can control when you start feeling overwhelmed. Like diet, sleep, alcohol, moving your body. Be consistent. Keep asking yourself "how does this feel?" and adjust accordingly.

Michele's company website for podcasters and potential podcast guests/speakers:

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