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#102: How an interest in sustainable and zero waste products went from curiosity to a career

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

  1. If you become interested in something and start researching it like crazy, this makes you the "expert" for someone who hasn't done as much research as you or who doesn't enjoy research but still wants to learn more.

  2. Once you learn a lot about something, this positions you to become teach others or become a curator or sharer of information or products.

  3. Ask yourself what's missing from the market. Jessie's online shop came out of her own necessity, she had to search online for the best and most sustainable products. When find yourself thinking, "they need to make...." become the "they"

  4. You don't have to be super tech savvy, just do it. You can always hire someone to make it fancy later but do it for fun at first to see if it'll work. You can find "how to's" on literally everything on Google.

  5. Start small and figure it out as you go. Jessie started with $500 in babysitting money and bought recyclable shopping bags and bamboo toothbrushes. Her time commitment was also small, working only an hour or two after her son went to bed

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